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Accidental Author

An indispensable tool chock full of handy little tidbits and big notes on the craft of writing.

This 73-page ebook will give you insights, tips, and a sense of the authoring process. It also makes an excellent primer for my Academy of Creative Skills online course, From Writer to Author, as many of the nuggets of craft revealed here are used as foundations to modules that will give you confidence in and further elevate your writing.


The perfect resource for writers who want to find a fresh way to view their craft and elevate their art.

Having sold the first manuscript, he ever wrote – by accident! Tom Avitabile is known as the “Accidental Author.”

Having not come from a literary background or an early appreciation of literature, this journey is founded on the practical aspects of writing. His four number one bestsellers have brought him unique takes, perspectives, and observations on the writer’s art and craft. And it’s all here in this eBook. The over 70 pages of pure “Aha” also give you access to seven bonus videos on the Art and Craft of authoring a novel. The eBook contains a coupon good for 15% off the tuition* for Tom’s Academy of Creative Skills premier course, From Writer to Author; starting January 18, he focuses on many of the obstacles standing in the way of good writers not getting published.

*with proof of purchase.

Make your writing better, more fun, and satisfying.

The journey of 85,000 words starts with the first words you know best. Enter them below!

Steven Manchester Author of Dad: A Novel.jpg
Al Contrera Musician and Author of Hushabye.png
Danielle Ramsay Author of The Puppet Maker.png
Steven Manchester
#1 Bestselling Author - Dad: A Novel

"I've been writing for 30 years, and fielding questions from aspiring authors since I can remember. Going forward, I'll be directing my fellow wordsmiths toward Tom Avitable's The Accidental Author. It's a true master class in less than 75 pages."

Al Contrera
Author - Hushabye

"Tom has a special talent for seeing the story and knowing what to do next."

Danielle Ramsay
Author of 6 Novels - The Puppet Maker

"Tom Avitabile is thorough and meticulous. His perceptive and constructive approach can help bring characters and plots to life."

Take a deeper dive with Tom's 
From Writer to Author course

15 Steps to Elevate Your Writing Craft

From Writer to Author_.png
  • Literary's Original Sin

  • What is a Novel?

  • First, Do No Boring

  • Writing is NOT Authoring

  • Guilty with an Explanation

  • The Devil in the Detail

  • Actions Speak Louder

  • Keep 'Em Turning Pages

  • Empathetic Characters

  • Literary's 10ft. Pole

  • The Reader is Never Wrong

  • Dimensions of Authoring

  • Devil or Angel?

  • It All Adds Up

  • The E's of Authoring

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