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Stop Writing, Start Authoring

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Teachers That Do

We are dedicated to bringing real-world experience and expertise to those who wish to advance in their craft.


Instructors who know where the pitfalls and hard knocks are help our enrollees avoid them.


Your Homeroom

At your option, you can join our online community to either throw virtual spitballs at the teacher or discuss the content and brilliance of the instruction being offered. This is useful for those taking the classes as well as for us, so that we may better serve our student body.

Flexible Curriculum

Experience our classes at your own pace. One class a week or cram the whole course over a weekend.


You advance as you wish. Continuous renewals for frequent attendance.*

*See course page for details.

Joseph Badal Award Winning Author.png
Joseph Badal
Award-Winning & Amazon Bestselling Author

Whether you are an aspiring or established author, Tom Avitabile will enhance your expertise and your confidence. He is an insightful coach whose dynamic “tell it like it is” teaching style made a difference in a manuscript of mine prior to publishing it in audio book format. Tom’s hands-on coaching sessions will raise your game, too.

Danielle Ramsay Author of The Puppet Maker.png
Danielle Ramsay
Author of 6 Novels - The Puppet Maker

Tom Avitabile is thorough and meticulous.  His perceptive and constructive approach can help bring characters and plots to life. As a book coach, he has the unique ability to see scenes from multiple perspectives adding clarity and depth. His delivery schedule is impeccable, and the service he provides is invaluable. Ultimately, his insights can help any writer achieve literary excellence.

Danny Gardner Author and Publisher at Bronzeville Books.png
Danny Gardner
Publisher - Bronzeviille Books

Tom played the role of Clint Eastwood and showed me the good, the bad, and the ugly while Tom’s unique insights into culture and style helped me shape good stories into award-nominated debuts. He has the inner ear of Tolkien. With him, plots ascend, rather than unravel. Moreover, there is no “I” in his team. He helps winners.

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