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The Academy of Creative Skills

An online resource of courses and instruction that brings a hands-on practical approach to applying creativity. The Artistic Director of the Academy, Tom Avitabile, spent over four decades as a Senior Vice-President/ Creative Director at a New York City Ad shop. His motto: Creative Solutions to Marketing Challenges, was the call-to-action banner that served his agency and his clients well. 


His philosophy and raison d'être for the Academy lies in the belief that, at their core, all creative endeavors have common elements and inspirations. The resulting concept may be as individual as a fingerprint. Still, the path to execution and realization can be observed, analyzed, and in many cases improved from practical experience. 


At the Academy of Creative Skills, we separate the Art from the Craft. Students come to us with desire, notions, and curiosity about an idea. That is their Art. We will offer courses in the creative Crafts to empower them to develop, realize and bring forth their creative concepts. 


Our debut course, From Writer to Author, is designed to offer up practical workarounds to thorny issues that writers encounter on their way to creating a viable, compelling and satisfying manuscript. 


Future courses will focus on subjects like: 

  • Filmmaking

  • Directing

  • Editing

  • Music Creation

  • Screenwriting

  • Voice Arts

  • Social Media 

and a host of other creative skills that have practical provenance!


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