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What is From Writer to Author?

From Writer to Author is an online course that takes a decidedly unique approach to overcoming some of the obstacles many writers face and missteps they make along the way to authoring a book.

Who is this course for?

Whether you've already published a novel or have always dreamed of being an author, this course gives you the ideas and guidance you need to raise the level of your writing craft.

This course is dedicated to writers who wish to become authors. It offers unique perspectives on everything other than just the writing that it takes to build a novel. A successful author of four #1 bestsellers and a professional book coach, Tom Avitabile takes a fresh approach with 15 practical, not professorial, modules that address the most common issues his clients, and those who wish to create commercial fiction, face.

As a book coach, Tom has taken authors from idea to first draft, from the first draft to polish, from polish to final draft from their current book to their next book. This course will help get you to your next level of writing on your way to authoring.


Here's what you'll learn in this course:

  • Practical tips on building a satisfying manuscript

  • A greater understanding of commercial fiction

  • How to recognize some unconscious missteps writers take

  • How to keep the reader turning pages

  • How to avoid a boring sequence, chapter, or book

  • How to better connect characters to readers

  • How to judge your writing for pace, involvement, and reader engagement

  • How to recognize and control story creep or "kitchen sink" writing

  • How to author rather than just write!

The Secret to a Thriller That Delivers


Make your writing better, more fun, and satisfying.

The journey of 85,000 words starts with the first words you know best. Enter them below!

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Hi, I'm Tom,

and if I can get published, YOU can get published.

Under my picture in my senior yearbook, it could have said, "Most likely to never write a book." Why? Because I was actually classified as 'functionally illiterate' in high school! 

I stumbled into my first manuscript, which became my first published novel and my first #1 bestseller... by accident. Hence why I'm known as The Accidental Author. 

With four #1 bestsellers and eight novels under my belt (my newest thriller, Forgive Us Our Trespasses, was just released out on February 22, 2022), I have created a small business coaching folks who have written their first, second, or 17th novel. My approach is organic and totally my own take on compelling dedicated individuals to THEIR next level of writing on their way to becoming authors.

What's Inside the Course:

There are 15 Stops on Your Journey From Writer to Author!

The main thesis of the entire course. And the real reason why many writers never connect with the reader, agent, or publisher.

What is a novel_.png
Guilty with an explanation.png
Literary’s Original Sin.png
The Devil in the Detail.png

Tom's "Hippocratic Oath" for authors. How do we not bore the reader? How do we know if what we just wrote is boring? This module has the answers.

Actions Speak Louder.png
Empathetic Characters.png
Keep em Turning Pages.png
The Reader is Never Wrong.png

A tool to use or a weapon to defuse? How to spot if you are distancing yourself from the reader and how to bring them closer.

Literary’s 10ft. Pole.png
Devil or Angel_.png
It All Adds Up.png
The “E”s of Authoring.png

These three E's of Authoring make a good story unfold well and fulfills our true goal as authors! 

The entire 15 class course comes with my ebook,
Intentional Thoughts from the Accidental Author, FREE!


Plus, after each lesson you'll also find some handy ancillary materials and quizzes designed to help writers like you get from idea to first draft, from first draft to polished manuscript, and from this book to your next book!

All for just $125 with our Early Bird Pricing!

How about a sneak peak?

This one's on us!

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Joseph Badal
Award-Winning & Amazon Bestselling Author 

"Tom Avitabile will enhance your expertise and your confidence."

Aleksandra Szczepanowska Author and Producer.png
Aleksandra Szczepanowska Writer | Director | Producer, Touch

If you’re ready to graduate to the next level of writing, Tom is the guy for you. He truly loves helping writers. I cannot recommend his lessons highly enough.

Danny Gardner Author and Publisher at Bronzeville Books.png
Danny Gardner
Publisher - Bronzeville Books

Tom has the inner ear of Tolkien. With him, plots ascend, rather than unravel. Moreover, there is no 'I' in his team. He helps winners.

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